Grandma's Sanctuary

Last week, I heard a story of a grandmother who was given an iPad as a gift and used it to write the novel that she had always dreamed of creating. Although I do not know her personally, I was very proud of her. I am of the school of thought that there is a lot to be learned from our elders. My grandmother taught me how to sew, make soaps and tend to the garden. I loved hanging around her and picking up any craft that I could. However, out of all the skills that I gained from her, it was her philosophy of life that I appreciate the most. She took great pride in her home and although it was small- not even 800 square feet, she spoke of it as if it were a grand palace.

The above images are from the home of one of her friends, 91-year-old Mary Ellen Boone. Although small, it's always clean, warm and welcoming.
My grandmother died in 1999, long before I started to blog. As an adult, I appreciate her even more now for taking the time to share with me in such a patient and loving way. She was very hands-on with me, and I miss that.


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