House Beautiful Color Institute - Atlanta

I love color and was very excited to attend the House Beautiful Color Institute at ADAC last week. As you can tell by the photos, there are a lot of people who have questions about using color in their homes. I am of the school of thought that you start with something you love, be it fabric, a rug or a piece of art and pull the colors from there. Over the years magazines have tried to make choosing paint colors a cinch. I have seen all sorts of stories and applaud them for their efforts. In the end you just have to jump in. It will never work out until you get started. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. It's only paint.
Panelist:: Darius A Monsef IV: Creator of
Judi Roaman: President, J Roaman Inc. Editor of The
Newel Turner : Editor in Chief, House Beautiful
Standing Room Only in the ADAC Presentation Room.
ADAC is usually open only to designers, but for this event the public was invited to stop in and spend the day. They were treated to lecture by industry professionals as well as small group discussion on topics such as"What's Hot in Color Now", "The Power of Color", and "The personality of Color in the Home" Attendees were also encouraged to bring in pictures of their room for one on one color consultations. The next stop for the House Beautiful Color Institute is Chicago. If you haven't already, make the reservations, grab your girlfriends and make a day of it. Who knows, it might give you the confidence you need to finally choose paint colors for your space.


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