Christiane Lemieux of Dwell Studio for Robert Allen Fabrics

I really enjoyed this event showcasing the new collaboration between Dwell Studio and Robert Allen/Beacon Hills Showrooms. The dwell studio product is something that is hip and fun and something that many of you can use easily in your homes' decor. The bold patterns and unique prints that Dwell is know for are now available to cover your favorite chair,sofa or windows. The gate fabric (image 1 below) looks amazing on dining room chairs or as drapery panels in a living room. Try the plush dot fabric to add sophistication to a sitting room or a graphic punch to your bedroom. The fabrics can be mixed and matched and used in many different ways.

1. gate fabric 2. plush dot scape 3. soft scroll 4. Peacock motif 


  1. Garret explained that there are two types of outdoor fabrics: solution dyed wovens and printed patterns. A woven pattern has the stitching of the pattern on the reverse side whereas printed pattern only has the pattern on the front side of the fabric.
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