Constructing HOPE

Construction site 2 doors down from my unit.
Renovations done by the condo doctor.
Over the past few weeks we have been extremely busy with projects, and planning and the occasional post. With talks of a double dip recession, I thought I'd take a moment to give you guys a glimmer of hope. My boyfriend and I were out this weekend looking for investment properties. Yes- investment properties and found that we were not alone. Turns out, there were a lot of people out doing the same thing. Initially we were like gosh, "How are we going to get good deals with all this competition?" Then we started to look at things differently. If people were buying properties, then the economy is moving in a positive direction. In my building alone the number of foreclosures has dropped by 50% sine the beginning of May. Now as I am working from home, I hear hammering and saws and all the signs that construction is underway. We are in the market for two types of properties right now. Investment properties and a new home for our growing family. While looking at a spaces for our new home, we stopped by the Sovereign in Buckhead. The homes at the sovereign start at 1 million and continue up from there. The agent spent a lot of time with us showing us models and giving us insight on the building. One of the things that she said that I thought was pretty interesting, is that they were not cutting any deals. She informed us that they had paid off the debt incurred while building and was in no real rush to sell. Why did this fascinate me? First of all, this means that by purchasing in the building, our investment will not only be safe, but the property will do what it is suppose to which in appreciate in value. I wanted to share this hope with you because I know that sometimes we can get so caught up in daily life that we fail to see what's on the horizon. We have a long way to go, but I feel hopeful that we will get there. Sometimes when you only see negative signs, foreclosure, going out of business etc.. you forget that there will be an upside. I know that the images in this post are not glamorous. But they are real and are a beautiful sign of whats to come.


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