Meet our Fab Finder

There's a saying that goes "Use all the brains that you have, and all that you can borrow." I recently finished a huge project where I had to do just that. I want to thank Nicole Moss of Faab Inc. for helping our team finish our most recent -gotta have it NOW- hospitality design job. I met Nicole while out shopping and she can to work for us the very next day. Let me just say, she was fabulous! I had such a good time working with her and learning about her design style, that I asked her to join our team here at Pinkeggshell. She will be scouring the globe for chic design products for your home that cost - get this $500 or less. Nicole was a whiz at finding last minutes solutions that not only helped to bring the project in under budget, but also added whimsy and charm to the various spaces. Look for her Fab Finds for Under $500 here at starting in July. I hope that you grow to love her as we have!


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