Living With Children,Making Room For Your Growing Family

{The home of Actress Mariska Hargitay as published in O at Home Summer 2007}

I have been warned. I have been warned by all types of people that having a child, means no longer having a nice home. I have been warned that the white bedding that I love and swear by will soon become a memory stored in a folder in my mind marked "BC - Before Children." We all have been to the homes of friends who have things every where and blame the disarray on having children. "Just wait til you have children..." they warn. I am only seven months in and I have started to make changes to accommodate the newest member of my family. I am adding a new sofa so that we can lounge around more. I've moved somethings off the floor; but for the most part, I are still living with the same things that I love. I love magazines that feature homes of families living glamorously with children. How wonderful would it be for your child to grow up with fine art and wonderful design. I will keep you posted as Skylar gets older and we add more children to the mix.


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