Things We Love- Block Printed Fabrics

Fabric and image by Donghia

I have a love affair with all things ethnically inspired. I can't help it. I absolutely love the colors, weaves and traditions that work together to create beautiful tapestries. I am reading "Shantram" by Gregory David Roberts which is a wonderful story that takes place in Bombay, India. I finished a chapter last night in which the characters travel outside the city to the country side. I bring this up because the author does an extraordinary job of describing the sights and sounds of the city. One such description was of the fabrics worn by the natives. It made me think about one of my favorite traditional Indian fabric printing techniques, block printing. Beautifully block printed fabrics are everywhere. I collected a few samples for you along with two companies that are doing a fantastic job creating these beautiful fabrics for our homes.

Wonderful choice for pillows, fabrics and stuffed animals for your children all using the traditional Indian technique.

These fabrics are from the master of block printing John Robshaw.
His fabrics and bedding can be found in high end design boutique through out the country. I fell in love with his fabrics which shopping at Calypso Home in New York several years ago. I have been following his career every since. You will love how easily the fabrics can be mixed and matched to create unique spaces full of drama and charm.

Learn more about the History of Block Printing Here.


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