Excited about Design ADAC!

Dining room by ADAC Keynote Speaker John Saladino

I am taking a break this week for my deign projects to attend Design ADAC 2010. I was with child last year and could only stick my head in for a few events here and there. This year I plan to take in all the festivities. I have been excited about design for some time now. The ideas and projects that are coming down the pipeline are truly inspiring. I feel that the energy has shifted from a fear of spending and cheap design solutions to true innovation in home decor and design. I see the creativity with the artist that I work with, as well as the furniture and fabric designers. I can not wait to hear from the panel and to spend some time in the showrooms meeting the staff and catching up on what's new in Interior Design. I do want to send a "Shout Out" to Fairchild for putting things together. In a time when magazines were folding and people were not spending, she kept thinking of creative ways to keep ADAC on every body's mind. Thanks a million Fair!


  1. Anonymous03 May, 2010

    I think this picture is great, i can imagian a couple and there friends having dinner and great converstion while drinking red wine. I am glad your excited about your craft. It helps to keep the fresh ideas coming in.


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