111 Navy Chair- Atlanta Launch Party

Seems like fun huh? It was! Special thanks to Kimberly Leach at Design Within Reach once again for inviting me out to another great event. Last week in the midst of my condo cloning, I went to the launch party for the 111Navy chair hosted by DWR. The cause for the celebration -Coca-Cola teamed up with Emeco to recreate the iconic 1006 Navy chair. Turns out 111 coke bottles make one fine chair. I love the colors. Who couldn't use a charcoal, flint, grass, persimmon or coca-cola red chair in their home? The chairs are so fun. I can not wait to see them start popping up in projects everywhere. Here's something cool to look forward to. 111 chairs were sent out to different design professional and taste makers. Visit their site in coming weeks to see what they have to say about the chair and to get some ideas and inspiration for using the chair in your space.


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