My Closet or Condo Dilemma

I am having a moment. I always get stuck here. I need to choose between buying clothes and buying more things for my house. It sucks because I desperately need new clothes. I want to empty my closet and start all over. Right when I was about to take the plunge and buy clothes, I fell in love with a piece of art by local artist Najee. I am afraid that the piece might not be there if I put off purchasing it. Here in lies the dilemma, we are not talking about buying a new dress or pair of shoes. I want an entire new wardrobe. BADLY!!!! So what so I do? The old me would just do both, but now that I am funding a retirement account ( Thanks Jocelyn) and being responsible, I just can't throw cation into the wind and get it all. What to DO??????????

I guess I could close my eyes and play eeny, meeny, miny moe


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