The Legendary Dr.Dorothy I Height

"I think of my life as a unity of circles. Some are concentric, others overlap, but they all connect in some way. Sometimes the connections don't happen for years. But when they do, I marvel. As in a shimmering kaleidoscope, familiar patterns keep unfolding"
-Dorothy Height
"Open Wide the Freedom Gate"

When I think about my membership into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, I think about the greats. Dorothy Height was by far "A Great". On the evening of my initiation into Delta Sigma Theta, I looked over the names of the women who wore the letters long before me and wondered if I would ever live up the legacy. When I walked away from education to become a designer, I thought that I might not make it because my role in the design industry is not social or political in nature. I will still try to become great! I will try because of the frontiers this brave lady endured so that I could have this opportunity.Dorothy - You will be eternally missed


  1. She will be missed!! What a great woman she did so many things to inspire woman of all ethnicities and nationalities.


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