Statement Furniture by StaceAge - Atlanta

Rob Thomas the designer of the Wynn Hotel in Vegas and several other insanely expensive projects often remarks " I did it because I did not know that I couldn't." He uses the phrase when describing how he transforms an idea into an actual room or piece of furniture. I marvel at people who are able to do that. It has the be the absolute best life. To think a thing and them work tiresly until it is created. I have read several reviews about StaceAge and many tend to put it in a category of the far out. I don't see it that way at all. I can appreciate the time and effort that Stacey has put into each piece of furniture. Everything from the fabrics, to the trims and finishes are exquisite. Each piece is individually numbered and plaqued like any great work of art. I feel so inspired when I am in her showroom. In a time when people are just coping each other and waiting for editors to tell them what to like, I appreciate the nerve it must have taken for her to bring her vision to life.

I took several pictures while at StaceAge, but decided to focus on two pieces, so you could see just how much effort has gone into each piece. Just look at the use of the pom pom trim on the frame and the moss trim on the fabric. The combination is so haute. This chaise {Asia} is one of my favorite pieces. The colors in the Asian inspired fabric are beautiful beyond belief.

"Stacey Sharon delivers the most exclusive and hip one of a kind furnishings to you through StaceAge.This vibrant store is a unique blend of a gallery, a showroom, and a studio which allows you to "Live Famously"

The details: The pieces are custom made and finished with her signature "Spit shine finish" Availible in colors { over 40} created by Stacey.

StaceAge 912 Huff Road Atlanta, Georgia 30318 404.350.3233


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