Say My Name. Say My Name

I am in charge of creating a photo album for my fathers family. It is a huge project that when finished, will serve as a kind of photographic family tree. This is a big deal. My father is one of fourteen children who has seven children. Throw in my uncles, one of which has 22 kids and you've got yourself quit the project. I have been looking for a large photo album that can be embossed with a family crest for over a year. It has to be versatile and study enough to hold all those photographs. I was following a lead today when I came across these magnificent personalized items. I chuckled to myself to see just how many things one can put their name on. What does that say about us? Anyway, here's to all things mine!

1. Personalized Melamine plates $100.00 Neiman Marcus
2.Personalized Brag books (Set of 12) $175.00 Neiman Marcus
3.Midoro personalized ribbon 7" $65.00 NeimanMarcus
4 +5 Graphic Image 4X6 personalized leather frame $87.00 - $100.00 Saks
6. Initial napkin Rings $48.00 Neiman Marcus
7. Personalized Stirrers $38.00 - $50.00 Neiman Marcus
8. Personalized gift wrap $90.00
9. Toile photo albums $60.00


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