What a treat! - Classic Novels with Contemporary Covers

Anthropologie, has the most stylish books on the market right now. Not only are the stories timeless, the covers are so so chic. You can get "Pride and Prejudice" or "Withering Heights" with an amazingly cute embossed canvas covers. Any one of these classics would be a perfect treat for guests. So put one on a night stand in your spare bedroom.

Gold: Pride and Prejudice
Navy + White: Great Expectations
Navy+ Red: Jane Eyre
Blue + Turquoise: Withering Heights
Blue + Pink: Sense + Sensibility
Black+ White: The Picture of Donna Gray


  1. Aren't those Penguin Classics books so awesome. They would be a perfect addition to my bookshelves. You can also purchase them from this website (http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/search?keywords=deluxe%20hardback%20classics&pageSize=10) for less than anthropologie sells them for. I just haven't broken down and bought them yet.

    It was good to meet you at The Dump yesterday. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. xo, Cristi


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