If you are one of the thousands of Americans stuck in doors because of the snow don't panic. You can ward off cabin fever by taking this opportunity to tackle a few task around the house. I am not talking major remodel. Just a few quick tasks that you can do right now that will make a huge difference in your home.

10 snow day tasks to start now
1. Clean out a closet
2. Dust your bookshelf
3. Organize your kitchen cabinets
4. Clean out the fridge
5. Check all fixtures and replace light bulbs
6. Clear off your desk
7. Change you linens
8. Purge mail, magazines and catalogues
9. Clean out makeup drawer
10. Walk through every room in house and make a list of repairs and projects that will need to be addressed at a later date.
Remember: Do not take out more than you can finish in an hour. Start one project at a time. Prioritize. We don't know how long the snow will last so put projects in order of importance. Use the internet for how to articles to help you get things done. I like ehow.com and videojug.com


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