Get Organized [Files]

When it comes to organization, people tend to think that you are either a hoarder or suffer from OCD. I'm here to let you know there is something in the middle - systems that are easy to implement and that work for most people. The goal of your organizational system is to help you save time and money. Originally, I wanted to share ideas for organizing your closet, but you get that. It is easy to organize your closet especially if you love clothes, but what about the other areas in you life. Are you utilizing all of the space in your bathroom? What about your kitchen? If you have resolved to get organized in 2010, this post is for you.

Problem: Boxes of documents and personal papers

Note: Although most things can be stored electronically, there are some documents that will need to be kept in your home. The key is to only store what is important and toss the rest.

Solution: I found this lateral file cabinet that looks like a piece of furniture. In addition to adding to the overall feel of the room, the solid wood cabinet secretly stores files. Properly organized it holds all of my paperwork and design catalogues.


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