Get Organized [ Manuals + Notebooks]

Earlier we discussed how to handle your boxes and piles of documents that need to be stored. Today we will talk about solutions for the documents that you will keep within reach. I use a series of binders to house things like, bank statements, menus, and appliance manuals.

I receive my bank statements electronically and print out only the pages that contain actual transactions. I go through the statements line by line and make notes. This method works well with those of us, who want to go green but also need a physical copy.

I have used the same datebook and notebook for over five years. Keeping them uniform makes storage extremely simple. Sometimes, I pull one off the shelf and flip through the pages. Many times, I find ideas I might have forgotten or something that sparks a new idea. Sometimes I even find a goal that has been implemented in my life.

Store manuals and warranties in plastic sleeves within 3 ring binders. Keeping them all in one place allows you to quickly locate them when things break down or malfunction.


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