Designing for Men With William Terrell

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Style maker, William Terrell of the Intown Group stopped by Pinkeggshell to share tips for designing living spaces for the urban male. William is know for his personal style and ability to take ordinary men from fashion victim to style standouts. In a visual world where swagger is a must, he goes from dressing the man to the more difficult challenge of dressing his home.

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Tip #1 Start with a rich and inviting color palette. I've seen great spaces with white walls, but only when it was intended. You can still use red, white or even black, just change up how its done. The sofa doesn't have to be black leather. There are other options.
Tip# 2 Invest in timeless furnishings. Unless this is your graduation year, skip the Ikea furniture. There are many options out there in all price points. Don't go cheap just because you haven't explored all your options.
Tip #3 Master the Mix. Don't be afraid to mix furniture styles or different patterns and textures. This is my number one rule in fashion so naturally it is important here also. The goal is to be visually interesting from all angles. If you stick with your colour scheme, you'll be fine with strips, plaids, or paisley.
Tip #4 Purchase the most expensive bedding that you can afford. There's nothing better than great sheets. Do not skip on this one. The ladies will notice!
Tip #5 Use your space to display items from your travels and to showcase your personality. There are no set rules for this, so don't worry about being wrong. You can mat and frame just about anything, so be creative.

A final word. Once you have the basic techniques down enhance your space more by putting lights on dimmers and adding candles from the fragrance counter at your favorite department store. Allow your space to evolve as your personal style evolves. Good luck!

Image Kimberly and Cameron Interiors


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