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Below is the first tear sheet that I ever removed from a magazine. It was so long ago. I don't remember any of the details about it. I am thinking that it was published early last decade or in the late 90's. It's relevant because it wasn't until later in life, when I decided to become an Interior Designer that I discovered that the room was designed by Vicente Wolf. I really love photography and I originally decided to keep it because of the use of photography. Fast Forward 10 - 15 years, in that time I have grow to love Vicente's work and overall design philosophy. His books are among my all time favorite. I am now following Vicente's Blog and think you should also. I love the format. He takes readers questions and actually answers them himself. This is major. There is so much to learn in design and to have an icon just a click away is an amazing opportunity. (Imagine being able to ask Bono about his peace efforts) I think anyone even remotely interested in design should bookmark his blog and check in regularly. Not to sound too "New age" - But I believe that universal laws are amazing. It's cool that I am drawn to things organically that ultimately shape my life. You hear people talk about being exposed to museums, art and even design at an early age and having always known what they would do. That's cool, but I like discovery. There were things in my past that would suggest that I would be a good interior design [like redecorating my room a million times or having the highest GPA in Home Economics], but I didn't know what an interior designer was. I was just not exposed to them growing up in Mississippi. I love the evolution of my life and career. I still get excited about new ideas and find the back story about products extremely fascinating. I am so passionate about design and don't take it for granted. I appreciate when all the pieces come together. I like when a new unknown designer gets a great feature. I love when designers are free to create from a place of true inspiration. Ok Ok I could go on and on. But please follow Vicente's blog. What he is offering is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


  1. Thank you for the kind words about my blog! I am happy to know that people find the information on there helpful and I too am a believer of karma - if you keep doing good, good will eventually come to you.



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