Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa

I must say, what Kelly Wearstler has done for Lee Jofa is simply wonderful. I love textiles. There is nothing better than a great weave. The right fabric can mean so much for your design plan. It has been difficult over the past few months to convince my clients to allow me to source things from the design center. As a result, I had to find less expensive alternatives for their projects. I went to the design center today because I just could not take it any more. I had to see what was new with my favorite showrooms.
I read about Wearstler's collection months ago, today I had the opportunity to explore it fully. I fell in love with fabrics all over again. I wanted to start a revolution. To run out into the streets and yell, "the good stuffs in here". I am exhausted with cheap fabric and worthless reproductions and knock offs. I miss the days when Italian Silk and Egyptian Lace meant something. It is not the same thing! Somebody will know, and It does matter! I love that the fabrics are well made and the colors are so vibrant. I just love that someone still cares about creativity, innovation and QUALITY.

All Images: Lee Jofa / kelly Wearstler


  1. Kelly is truly a visionary in the design field, and her fabric collection is really amazing. Great article!

  2. She is pure talent at work. Her eye for color and design is impeccable! All of her collections (Lee Jofa, Sferra, Bergdorf's, etc.) round out her aesthetic to a tee, yet she's not a one-trick pony. She manages to surprise me every time, keeping things fresh and innovative. You know it's good when the designer uses her own products in her home.

  3. YES!!! Quality is the keystone of value, and I agree it has been forgotton of late, Love the new fabrics! Love any ikat!


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