Change How You Feel About Decorating

1. Eliminate the thought of the temporary space.
Many people put off decorating or even unpacking boxes because they look at their current space as temporary. Whether it's a starter house, dorm room or hotel suite, it's your home. Make it personal.
2. Think of your home as a life partner. Cherish the fact that you can create the home you not only want but need in your life. By doing so you give yourself a safe place in the world. Make it functional, interesting and inviting. Then fill it with the things you love.
3. Trust your instincts about your space. If you feel a wall should be removed or a room eliminated, do it. Do not make the mistake of using your home as someone else would. Allow your space to speak to your individual needs.
4. Find something amazing about your home and tell everyone. Invite people over to see your photography wall or to sit on your deck. Brag about the bedding you found on sale or the vanity you got at a close out. Who knows, your weekend project just might be what a friend needs to inspire them to do something special in their home.
5. Liberate yourself by painting. Just do it. Paint. Paint the walls, ceiling and floors. Paint over paneling and under glass tops. Paint furniture and light fixtures. Just paint and don't play it safe. There is no reason to live with white walls or in fear of choosing the wrong paint color. Take a class, get some help, but by all means paint!


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