President Obama spoke at a Home Depot store in Alexandria,Virginia today about plans to get the nation in the renovating spirit. The initiative is designed to get homeowners busy updating their homes in ways that make them more energy efficient. Take advantage of new tax credits established for these green renovations. The incentive comes at a great time as many people find themselves either staying in their home longer than previously expected. If you missed his address,read more here. Then make plans to be apart of the nations' great renovation.

Visit the Home Depot's website and take the home efficiency audit. It is the perfect place to start when planning your project. The immediate call to purchase is for items designed to stop the amount of energy currently being lost from our homes and businesses. This however is only the beginning. Just think of the possibilities. With so many great products on the market, it just might be the perfect time to create amazing, earth-friendly spaces.

As a rule- bathroom and kitchen remodels generate the most return on investment. Something to consider if you are not willing to undertake a whole house renovation.
As with any project having the right resources is key. Here are a few books to help get you started.


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