Let The Mucsic Play!

I'm not an audio/video geek, but I must say I am glad I decided to rethink in wall speakers and a surround sound system for my home. I admit, I did not get it at first, but now that my favorite songs can be programmed to play in any room AND on the patio, I am sold. It's one of the things men normally fight for and women think is totally unnecessary. When men go in to purchase the system they are thinking about themselves and how they would use the system, but by knowing how it will benefit you, you can give in with a lot less fighting. You will love having your favorite song play while you are working on a project or cleaning up the house. With the speakers mounted in the walls and ceiling, the sound is evenly distributed and the sound quality is captivating. I wish I could tell you what to purchase, but that's not my area. What I can do is tell you to get it. If you really want another expensive item for your home - pretend its a compromise and you will let him have that if YOU can get something else, in the end it will be a win-win for you.


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