Personal Passion = Design Inspiration

Interior design is not only my career choice , but my life's passion. As a rule, I believe that your home should reflect your individual taste and evolve around the things you love. Of course there are rules for design, and formulas that help pull a room together, but the underline feel and style should come from your soul.
If you are looking for a place to start when designing your home, consider your life and lifestyle. It has evolved over time reflecting your personal journey. You have lived in different places, read different books and learned from different cultures. Your range of experiences are wide and unique to you. For me, I have kept a scrapbook and personal journal for years. I have enjoyed traveling and developing into the woman I am today. As an avid amateur photographer, I have chronicled my life on film, so naturally, my home is filled with photographs.
Recently, I encouraged a client that was planning a trip abroad to bring back mementos and photos to add to the decor of his home. We had already established a design plan, painted the walls, purchased the furniture and placed the accessories. I wanted him to thoughtfully add things that would compliment the design scheme as well as personal interest. Are you thinking of designing your space? Will it be inspired by a place traveled, things you love, or will it be based on an ambiance that relaxes or motivates you? Allow your home to be an exntension of you and write us to let us know how liberating and more livable your space feels.


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