Invest in the Bones

Image Bernhart
I shop for furniture in the same manner that I do shoes and clothes. Shopping methods are personal and vary depending on individual style. I am practical but not cheap. I like what's new in fashion but prefer to stick with items that compliment my personal style.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to observe the shopping style of my friend Brooklyn. I took her out and introduce her to some of my favorite stores. Surprisingly she was not really that open. She would walk into the showroom, check out the nearest price tag, and condemn the entire store as "too expensive". It drove me nuts! I felt she was being closed minded about the experience. Then it dawned on me, that I should relate it to how we shop for clothes. Immediately I thought of Nina Garcia and her rules for shopping. Invest in the Bones. I spent an hour explaining to her how we both shop at department stores where there are items that will blow our budgets to pieces. I encouraged her to employ the same techniques when shopping for furniture. I asked her to look for truly unique pieces and make provisions to get them for her home. I reminded her that she could save for the item, wait for it to go on sale or ask for it as a gift.
Image Bernhart
Look at your entire project and budget when decorating your home. There will be places where money can be saved to purchase the items you really want. Consider all of your options. Collect images and take notes. Then prioritize. It's your home. You deserve it!


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