Turn Your Favorite Book Into Art

I purchased this art book from a street vendor for $3. It was an interesting collection of illustrations inspired by old Negro spirituals. Although the cover was tattered, I knew I could do something special with the amazing images inside.
From the moment I picked it up, I could tell that this book had a soul. The pages were a heavy, ivory-colored, linen stock. The original illustrations seemed to be personal sketches collected in book form. I was drawn in by the emotion the images evoked. All my favorite songs were represented. "Go Down Moses "and "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and my all time favorite "Amazing Grace".
The decision of images was difficult, they were all compelling. The frame choice however, was much easier. I decided to use the wood gallery frames from Pottery Barn because of their ease of assembly. They allow your finished project to look crisp and professional. There are several colors to choose from. I chose the cream frame with the cream mat. The frame compliments the decor of the room and does not compete with the image. *I secured the image to the mat using acid free archival tape.
Here is the finished project just 5 minutes later!
I decided to hang the images in my bathroom where they would be the center of attention. The cream looks great against the cool gray of the bathroom walls.


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