Dayna Decker

Product Alert!
I know I talked about these candles in several articles last year, but I forgot to add them for you here at Pinkeggshell. Some of my favorite candles- ( do I say favorite a lot?) are from the Dayna Decker Environment collection. Surprisingly, the first time I was introduced to these candles, I was working for a guy and purchased them for his home. The sleek black packaging allowed me to sneak them into the design sceme with no problem. A few months later, I was at a speciality store while the rep was there and had the opportunity to preview the entire line. Simply Amazing! I love, love, love the packaging and the design of the products. It is so beautiful and so modern - and the scents- Heaven!
You can pick them up at high end speciality stores as well as Saks Fifth Ave. For additional information check out the website at


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