Where to find a Pink Chandelier and other questions magazines and blogs answer

Have you ever wondered "Where can I find?" Fill in the blank. You start your search only to find that no one seems to have exactly what you are looking for. Or maybe you know an amazing artist, craftsman, or handyman that you are sure tons of people could use, but they are tucked away in a little corner of the city with no real way to reach a larger market. This has been the job of shelter publications for many years. To search out these items and people and deliver them to your door step every month. Over the last year we have lost over a dozen local and national lifestyle and shelter magazines. With every title that is shut down, Blueprint, House & Garden, Peach, Domino - a design voice is silenced. We depend on those ideas and pages to inspire and give us a fresh prospective when working on our homes. While there's no replacing so many great magazines, here at Pinkeggshell we are here to help with those difficult finds. For fun here are a few pink things that We have found lately that I am sure many of you can use in your homes. As you ponder the images and consider the coolness or lack of coolness of each item - remember the many people who live design as we do but no longer have a platform to share their ideas.
"Need a Rug to accent a neutral design with a hint of PINK?"

Feeling daring? - Try this one-

What about an accent chair?

Or a piece of Art

You get the idea!


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