HGTV Design Star Part II

A Good Resume will get you in the door, then the real work begins. Prior to the competition I read all the contestants bios and reviewed their videos. I kid you not, immediately after viewing Jason Champion's tape, I knew that he would not make it to the end. His problem is very common. Good resume not so good talent. He hosts a radio show and designs a line of furniture and blah blah blah. The market place if left to self correct will always weed out the talkers, the slackers and those who look the part but can't perform. Be careful not to just collect accomplishments. Try instead to grow and develop your talents daily. Learn, read, research.

Know your audience and marketplace
. Ultimately the winner of design star will have to appeal to a massive audience. I think Dan Vickery and Antoni Ballatone would be great if HGTV could find a space for them but Tori Halbert and Lonni Paul are safer choices. Dan Vickery in my opinion is too similar to the original winner of design star David Bromstad. They have a similar apperance and design aesthetic. Why invest money in a product when you have one that works just as well? I really like Antonio, I feel that he has so much personality and is really creative. Unfortunately he is more suited for a construction type show. Carter Can... anyone? That leaves Lonni Paul and Tori Halbert. I'm pulling for Tori because I think she is creative and quite capable of making the transition to television. Lonni- not so much.


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