HGTV Design Star - Lessons and Thoughts

Viewers look to networks like HGTV for whats new; and, to be exposed to spaces that will inspire them to start or finish projects around their homes. There is a segment of the country who wants to see more transitional and traditional spaces and fewer shows about contemporary design with large scale graphics and impossible do-it your self projects. While HGTV has inspired many individuals to pursue design related careers, the increase in numbers makes it harder for people to find who and what they are looking for easily. I am hoping that this season produces a winner that will give HGTV the opportunity to not only recapture the segment of America who would turn it on in the morning and let it play all day, but a truly talented designer who produces fresh ideas on realistic budgets.

Who's up for the Job??

Tackling projects take mental toughness. Natalee Callahan and Amy Sklar the first two eliminated contestants had the same issue. They were not strong enough to handle the pressure. During both elimination they gave up on themselves and both cried when the pressure was on. In life you will have to be able to handle tough situations. You have to be tough because things will go wrong. It is the nature of interior design. There will be unforeseen problems that come up and you will have to have the solution. Not a bunch of tears or excuses.

Design requires passion - not just education. Jen Guerin, the color specialist had a difficult time translating what she has been taught about color into the field of interior design. Her emphasis on color and lack of knowledge of the other aspects of design made her an easy target for the third elimination challenge. Jany Lee also lacked design passion. All of her designs were very textbook and safe. The key is to know the rules and to then allow your imagination to push the boundaries. Neither contestant showed a passion for design that said this is who I am as a designer. I can always tell when I walk into a room assembled without any passion. It might make sense according to the principles of design in some aspects but lacks the drama necessary to bring the space alive.

Talk is cheap - By the time Tashica Morgan was eliminated everyone was ready to see her go. I think she was eliminated at the right time because she had done a good job of convincing the judges that there was more to her during the first two eliminations when she found herself in the bottom two. She made a questionable choice to copy a lighting technique from a past season and could have stayed in the contest longer - except her co-workers did not believe in her skills and felt she could not deliver. No one likes to be over promised and under delivered. This is a result oriented society and no one wants to hear a lot of excuses. Tashica would have better served herself if she would have worked more and talked less.


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