Nursery Necessities + Inspirations

Murals are great for nursery walls.
{Image by Julia Kuo}

I am so excited about my new baby. I have enjoyed every moment of being pregnant. As you can imagine, I have been gathering nursery ideas for several months now. It has been so much fun looking around and testing out new products and ideas. I live in a condo so her space ( yes its a girl!) has to not only be functional but also fit into the decor for the rest of the space. I wanted it to be colorful without being too childish. I also wanted it to reflect my personality as well as her heritage. Here are some of my favorite ideas as well as a step by step guide to get you started. Good luck. Remember it is most important to create a nursery that functions. Don't get carried away with the cute stuff. After all, you will be spending a great deal of time there when the baby arrives .

1. Determine where the nursery will be located in your home. What does the space look like? How large is it? Are there windows? Once you find the perfect space, measure it. Measure before going out to stores. If possible sketch a layout of the space. You want to make sure that all the pieces you fall in love with will fit into your space.

2. Choose a theme or fabric that can serve as the road map for your project. I prefer choosing a fabric or color because it lends itself more to growing children than themes. Themes are good for those of you who are willing to change the space as your child grows. Just remember to keep it as simple as possible.

3. Furniture selection is the next step. You will need a crib and mattress ( often sold separately), changing table, dresser and a rocker. I purchased a new crib because I wanted to make sure that it was up to current safety standards. I opted for a hand me down dresser. Don't feel obligated to purchase all your furniture in a set. It is still design and can be clever as well as functional.

{This I love because the feel of the pattern reminds me of being in Africa. A reminder to my baby of her heritage.}

4. Remember the other accessories that will help tie your room together. If there are windows, tie in coordinating window treatments. Rugs, wall art, lamps and small accessories all help to finish off your room.

5. Before you are finished make sure that you have added enough storage to accommodate all the items that your baby will need. I am still amazed at the amount of things I have received for my baby's arrival. If you have limited space as I do, streamline. For example, I buy stackable baskets in the same color for all of the little things that need to be sorted. I separate baby clothes by month and put all like items together.


  1. hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting..we love it ; )



  2. Love your blog! I was delightfully surprised to see that you have your own personal interest in "Nursery Necessities + Inspirirations". I am very anxious to see how your nursery will be deco'd.


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