Lights, Lights, ACTION!

Looking for a great way to add some style to your home? Try updating the lighting fixtures. In addition to setting the mood of a space, lighting can also add lots of drama.
Chandeliers - If yours is out dated or simply not your style, this is a great place to start. Over the years they have migrated from the foyer and dining room into other areas of the house, but I still like them as the center piece of a dining room. I am wishing for the return of adult dinner parties and family gatherings and feel that by returning the chandelier to this room, we create a reason to go in there. It is true that nothing is more spectacular than a beautiful room with a sparkling jewel in the center. If you are a little more informal try a more modern version, but please don't forgo the chandelier all together.
Pendant lights- These fixtures have been everywhere lately and many of you have come accustomed to using them just to define your bar area, but they are much more than that. You will get more enjoyment from them if you view them as little pieces of art. I prefer hand blow glass ones as well as those made of unique materials. They can add a warm glow and make any space more interesting. .
Sconces - Attach it to the wall and watch it glow. Sconces were normally found in formal design, but now can be found in contemporary spaces also. They can be affixed to the sides of your bed or used as a mini lamp. They are amazing when mounted onto a mirror and to add formality to your bathroom design.
Lamps- I always say a good lamp is hard to find, but I understand that to be only partially true. The thing with lamps is you probable need more than you have in your home and most people don't know just how to mix different ones in their space. Lamps add pools of light that are cozy when paired with a comfy chair or added to a nightstand. They can be used in entry ways or to add interest to your table scape. Place with a variety of different sizes, shapes and color to add that interest you are looking for.

{All light fixtures availible through Neiman}
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