Happy Birthday Adria!!!

Its my Sister's birthday tomorrow so I went out to find her a gift. Towards the end of my search, I found this place setting that I thought would be perfect for her. I fell in love with the color and pattern and could image her enjoying the collection for many years. That is until I realized that she would not like this as a gift at all. She is not that into design and she recently took a job where she will be traveling 90% of the year. In the end I chose something else. I didn't buy them because I've made this mistake before. I actually gave my college boyfriend Pyrex baking dishes for valentines day. So... if any of you are getting married, run out and register for this place setting. It deserves a beautiful, stylish, loving home.


  1. Love Love Love these. I wish someone would give them to me.
    -anna weeks


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