Designer Spotlight: Elaine Griffin

Elaine Griffin - At Home in Harlem
A lot of people are familiar with Elaine for her work with O Magazine. "The Good Works" designer transforms community spaces with bright colors, comfortable gathering areas and pure love. It is always exciting to see what she will come up with for each project. She designs with such passion and creativity that you just have to love her. Here are some images from her home as well as an inspiring space for a worthy cause.
{from the January '09 Issue of O Magazine}

Originally published in October of 2004 for a NY magazine piece called "The Scavenger" the above images are of Elaine's home in Harlem. I see traces of her southern roots in the images she has displayed as well as her ability to make something spectacular from discarded items. Her home focuses on what is import in most homes. Family, creativity and tons of personality.
:::Good Works Make over:::

In every issue of O at Home you can get a glimpse of Elaine's work for various community based organizations.


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