Shoes Or Chairs

When you think about it there are as many fascinating chairs out there as there are shoes! And like shoes - chairs can range from the simple and comfortable to the highly fashionable. I have a very bad shoe addiction. And although the price and heel continues to go up, I can't stop obsessing over them. Recently I went shopping for a chair for my loft. When I found one I loved, I found myself comparing the price to some new boots that I had been eyeing- both were very necessary. Do I buy the Pauistano armchair with the Missoni cover or the new Gucci devendra fringe bootie? I was torn! I went back and forth until I finally decided on the chair. Happy with my decision, I headed out to purchase the chair... only to be informed by the sales associate that it was SOLD OUT. So here is my chair, (let me know if you see it somewhere) as well as several others you might want to put on your list before they are gone.

1. slink by american leather 2. Forrest armchair by Janus 3. Pucci Wood block pullup chairs 4. Pauistano chair -DWR 5. chloe chair by baal Creations 6. Galaxy chair by S&G


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