An Afternoon with Jamie Drake

I recently attended a lecture given by Jamie Drake. I have always been a fan of Jamie's, and wanted to get to know more about the man behind the amazing designs. Immediately I was blown away by his playful spirit and ability to not take himself too seriously. It During the presentation that I stopped looking at the "how" of interior design and started to look at the "why". Its like all those ideas inside his head needed to exist in the world. I have long, passionate conversations with my friends about music, art, and design and try to convey to them the happiness I feel when I am given the opportunity to create spaces. For me it's so much more than techniques learned in a classroom. I imagine it's how a musician feels when there's a song inside their head. The "how" seems easy when compared to the "why". The "why" inspires. The "why" imagines. The "why" allows you to create the entire room by only catching a glimpse of an interesting fabric. Thank you Jamie- for inspiring and demonstrating what is possible when you focus on the WHY!
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