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"No... Just get me a really Big Closet" Carrie Bradshaw
I am a little obsessive about having an organized closet because I hate looking for things when getting dressed. I only buy pieces that I love; and, because of that, I don't own as many things as my girlfriends. I'm simple in that way. I might not have the most things in my closet, but I definitely have the best looking space. Here are a few of my favorite tips for creating a dream closet.
  • Start with a fresh coat of paint or a fun wallpaper. Its a small thing with a a huge impact.
  • Upgrade your lighting. If you are not able to change the entire fixture change the light bulbs. Replace bulbs with ones that most simulate natural light.
  • Add a full length mirror. I am surprised by the number of people getting dressed using mirrors that do not cover their entire body.

Unfortunately not all closets are created equal. If you have an unusually small or awkward space, consider bringing in a professional. Choose a company that specialize in closet design like California Closets or the Closet Factory. They can help you maximize your space and give storage ideas that are customized for your specific needs.

  • Invest in sturdy storage containers and hangers. Recycle the wire hangers that you get from the dry cleaners as they are horrible for your clothes. I use wooden ones but recently fell in love with the new huggable hanger. The options are endless. I suggest starting with large coat hangers which are larger than your regular coat hanger and used for your heavier items, Suit hangers with a trouser bar or clips, skirt hangers, dress hangers and your basic coat hanger.
  • There are debates amongst my staff about whether or not to keep shoes in boxes. I know that it looks good, but unless you really like dusting your shoes off, I recommend keeping them in the original box. The container store has a wide selection of shoe storage when the original box is not available.
  • Have a plan to control pest. This is not a lesson you want to learn the hard way. I like cedar as an alternative to moth balls but either will work. Lavender bags and camphor bricks are also great options.
Books to consider when working on your closet. Real Simple, The organized home; Closet or Control by Barbra Horowitz


  1. Excellent info!! I'm looking to move and you saved us allot of time by looking for a home that ha allot of the closet details in place and enough closet space for us to work with. We got shafted on closet space in our current place :(


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