"Shops I Love" Kuhl-Linscomb - Houston Texas

There are a few stores through out the country I could spend whole days in and Kuhl-Linscomb in Houston Texas is one of them. I have been a fan of the retail store since it first opened in the upper Kibry district several years ago. It is a place to find unique furniture, accessories and gift ideas. The store is a real treasure. On a recent trip to Houston, I stopped in and was again blown away. It would take forever for me to introduce you to all the lines, brands and just great things that are located here so I will just direct you to the site.{ kuhl-linscomb.com} What I will share is the beauty and uniqueness of the store and the grounds.

When you first walk into the store you are given a map. The map is a detailed description of the space that you are in as well as the adjoining building that also house their products. In the main building you will find gifts, books, stationary, candles, skincare and things of that nature. The eye catching displays and massive selection of unique items make it impossible to walk out empty handed. The additional building seem like ordinary residences but are anything but ordinary. They are marked with big bright green numbers and each are a separate sensual experience all their own. In building number 1 you will find bedding, bath and table top. Building 2 furniture: rugs and accessories. I have my eye on these Armani casa club chairs that are fantastic! Building 3 contains the reference library, more furniture and accessories and outdoor furniture. I found Philippe Starck ghost chairs in building 4 where all things Kartell reside. They even used the covered patio to showcase outdoor furniture and gardening wares in a naturally appealing way.

The buildings fit seamlessly into the environment and all of the associates are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this store to all my friends. Need personal assistance choosing candles from their hug Dayna Decker collection or any other request? Just call 713-526-6000. They will ship any of these things right to your door.


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