I still use a Rolodex

Unfortunately we can not take home everything we fall in love with while shopping. The decision to take or leave an item is risky because you never know how long it will be available. We all have stories of the perfect piece that got away. I use to feel like I had to take everything home until I came up with a shopping system. I still buy what I love and feel is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When I can not or should not take it home, I collect as much information about the product as possible. I always carry a camera in my bag to snap pictures. When this is not an option, I ask the sales person to either give or email product information and images. I then keep those images in a folder or a binder. The Rolodex is to help me keep up with the people. The most important part of shopping is the people. A good sales person will know all the important information like the vendor, season or origin of the product.


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