Inspiration is Everywhere!

INSPIRATION. It is what motivates us to start something new. It can come from anywhere. A song, a photograph or a color. It sparks a feeling within; and, is sometimes unexplainable. Inspiration is what I look for when starting a new design project. I recently moved into my condo and am designing it around some vases I found while discount shopping with my friend. Those hot pink vases are the reason I sold all my old furniture and starting the project from scratch. Crazy? I don't know. Inspiration is like that. It comes in and shakes things up. People often ask me where they should start when designing their homes. My answer 100% of the time is to start with something that you love. Your inspiration does not have to be a decorative object, it can be a favorite fabric, dress or memory. The goal is to find something that moves you. Use your inspiration piece as a road map to create the color scheme or to establish the overall mood of your project. Inspiration is personal and emotional. When you start with something you love, you will end up with a space that you love as well.


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