Design is in the Details

"In the design of a home and it's landscape, nothing is truer than the statement,"design is in the details." Details are the finishing touches, the elements of style that bring uniqueness and intrigue to a it a beautiful room or an inviting garden. They, more than any other part of the design, reflect the individuality and personal style of those who live in and enjoy a home."
-ex cert from design is in the details,Decorating Indoors & Out by Brad Mee

I like to shop and find unique accessories, fabrics, art and furnishings. It is what I love more than anything else in the world. I think that the things in your home reflect who you are deep down inside. What you gravitate towards and naturally enjoy are the things you should have in your home. It is so personal. I have for sometime studied lifestyles. I read biographies and generally find people fascinating. I love to find out what they read, what they collect and how they see the world.

I focus a lot on the details of the home because that is where you bring in all of the things that tell the world who you are. I will always bring you information on what I call "lifestyle stores." To me those are the stores you can wonder into and find something that speaks to all of your senses. I will bring you information on new products because I know you want to stay up on new ideas and products, but can not spend as much time as I do looking for them. I am all about the hunt. I know that many of you hesitate to get started because you haven't found what you really like. My commitment to you is to always give options. Options that I hope will eventually become inspiration for your project.


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