The Aquarium Design Group Houston

I am blessed to have the life I have. It has been shaped by many people, places and things. I am also lucky to work in a profession where I am surrounded by all kinds of beautiful things. When I tell people that I am an Interior Designer, they immediately think about the shopping; but, for me the shopping is not the best part. I love the people who create beautiful things. When I see something that is wonderfully made, I immediately think about the person or culture that gave birth to the idea. I can appreciate the detail, the time invested, the follow through on the project that takes it from ordinary to extraordinary. When it has an emotional affect on me, I know it will provoke emotional reaction from my client as well.
Before I started my design business ,I would go out to showrooms and workrooms, to see whom I would use when I became an official designer. I remember going into the showroom of the Aquarium Design Group and being floored by the space. Prior to my visit to this showroom, I was not a fan of aquariums. I wasn't against them, just not that interested. After a few minutes in the space I was sold on the company. Their take on aquariums was amazing. They had taken and ordinary idea and turned it into something very special. I told the owner that I would remember him and when I started my company- that I would do business with him. The live plant aquariums were very expensive with prices starting at $4,000, so I know he was like -OK. Surprisingly during my first year in business I had a client who loved aquariums but had only ever owned the basic kind. Naturally I took him to the showroom. He was so impressed he purchased two tanks that were well over $7,000 a piece. ADG had a product that the owners were passionate about. This was evident in the investment in time, research and overall presentation of the product. My goal is to introduce you to the things that move me. The things that will have your heart racing and your mind wondering. For me this is the best part of my job and is far better than just shopping.


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