Artist and Creative Types: Alonso Bedolla

Art is something I will always research and bring to you. I will feature different art and artists as often as possible. I am from the 'school of thought' that suggest there are no rules. I go to galleries and museums for the opportunity to look at something and instantly be emotionally moved by it. Art galleries I like; art studios with the artist and a cup of coffee, I love. I don't have a favorite style or collect only one type of art. I like abstracts as well as figurative pieces. I react strongly to landscapes and nature paintings, especially those depicting scenes from the south. Photography has been with me the longest and tells the truest story. I love art because it just is. I recently found these original pieces on paper by the artist alonsobedolla. He has pieces that range anywhere from a few hundred bucks to over $10,000. He creates abstracts, figurative pieces, sculptures and has amazing floral studies.
{Images Roberto Lopez}


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