Oh the Places You'll Go!

{I Like to take pics of billboards and signs when I travel.}
My friend Kenny recently told me about the website Loneyplanet.com which he uses when he travels throughout Europe. I love it, I used it on a recent trip to West Africa and was able to find the coolest local restaurants and hotels. I have since told all my friends about it. It is easy to navigate and all that you need to plan your get away. Ive encouraged my friends to upload their favorite stories and photos from their travels and you should too. I can't wait to see them!


  1. I love to travel! As a result I would like to add something to my living space that may show some of the places I have been, something that reflects the different cultures. What do you think I should do without having to change my entire decor. I currently have a contemporary design in my home.

  2. Shooting pictures of billboards when travelling such is a great idea! Where were you when you took the shot of the African girls billboard? I like it :-)

  3. Hello Sandra, I was in Ghana, West Africa. How do you bring your adventures home with you?


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